List of Top 50 Corporate Crime Movies Released

20 Corporate Crime Reporter 5(5), January 26, 2006

Corporate Crime Reporter today released its list of the top 50 corporate crime movies.

“Most people wouldn’t think Pootie Tang and Robocop in the same thought – but they both made our list,” said Russell Mokhiber, editor or Corporate Crime Reporter.

Corporate Crime Reporter began compiling the list of corporate crime movies after receiving inquiries from college professors and high school teachers looking for movies about corporate crime.

The list was compiled by consulting with experts in the field of white collar and corporate crime.

Seventeen of the 50 movies are documentaries.

About 80 nominated films were pared down to the 50 selected for the list.

“Given the rich history of corporate crime and violence in this country, I would say that movie-makers have just begun to scratch the surface,” Mokhiber said.

He predicted an uptick in corporate crime movies – both Hollywood and documentary – in the coming years.

“People are deeply suspicious of corporate America, and movie makers are likely to rush in and fill the void,” Mokhiber said.

The Top 50 Corporate Crime Movies are:
(* indicates documentary)

American Dream (1991) (Workers vs. Hormel)*
An Injury to One (2002) (Butte, Montana vs. Anaconda Mining)*
Barbarians At the Gate (1993) (Corporate greed, ‘80s style)
Blue Vinyl (2002) (Toxic PVC)*
Bulworth (1998) (Beatty vs. corporate corruption)

The China Syndrome (1979) (Nuclear near meltdown)
A Civil Action (1989) (Leukemia in Woburn)
Class Action (1991) (Unsafe automobiles)
The Constant Gardener (2005) (Big pharma)
Coma (1978) (Hospital nightmare)

The Corporation (2004) (The big picture)*
The Distinguished Gentleman (1992) (Eddie Murphy, power lines and cancer clusters)
The Dogs of War (1981) (Corporate mercenaries overthrow dictator)
Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room (2005) (Fraud)*
Erin Brockovich (2000) (Water pollution and illness)

The Formula (1980) (Oil company snuffs out people in the know)
Fun with Dick & Jane (2005)(Jim Carrey meets Enron)
Harlan County USA (1976) (Mining industry vs. workers)
The Insider (1999) (Tobacco whistleblower)
Libby, Montana (2004) (W.R. Grace contaminates a community)*

Living With the Spill (1991) (Exxon Valdez)*
Lord of War (2005) (Arms industry)
McLibel (2005) (Up against McDonald’s)*
Manchurian Candidate (2004) (Corporate puppet in the White House?)
Matewan (1987) (Coal industry)

Other People’s Money (1991) (Corporate raider vs. family business)
The Parallax View (1974) (Corporate assassinations)
Poletown Lives! (1980) (GM tears down a neighborhood)*
Pootie Tang (2001) (A CEO who wants kids to smoke, drink and eat fast food.)
Power Trip (2004) (An American power company in Tblisi – not pretty)*

Quiz Show (1994) (Prime time fraud)
The Rainmaker (1997) (Law firm vs insurance company)
Robocop (1987) (Robo takes on Detroit Inc.)
Roger & Me (1989) (Michael takes on Detroit Inc.)*
Rollerball (1975) (Globocorps divert the masses)

Salt of the Earth (1953) (NM mineworkers stick it to the man)
Silkwood (1983) (Nuclear whistleblower)
Super Size Me (2004) (Fast food nation)*
Syriana (2005) (Oil companies dominate)
Taken for a Ride (1996) (Auto, oil company campaign to destroy mass transit)*

Thank You for Smoking (2006) (Big tobacco gets kids to smoke)
Tucker (1988) (Trying to build a different car)
Vietnam: The Secret Agent (1983) (Agent Orange disaster)*
Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price (2005) (Retail Giant Dominates)*
Wall Street (1987)(Greed is good)

Walker (1987) (Corporate interests take over Nicaragua)
Who Framed Roger Rabbit? (1988) (Auto, oil companies rip up the tracks)
Who Killed the Electric Car? (2005) (Auto companies)*
Why We Fight (2005) (It’s a cash proposition)*
Wild Palms (1993) (Corporate takeover through virtual reality)



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