Privacy Policy

We support initiatives to protect people's privacy rights.

We monitor our systems and our networks and collect standard logs of access to them. We have never used our access logs or the results of our monitoring for anything but our own administrative purposes. We have never opened those logs or the results of our monitoring to anyone other than our administrators, representatives or agents. It is not our policy to use our access logs or the results of our monitoring for any other purpose. Corporate Crime Reporter, however, does reserve the right to disclose the results of any monitoring or information retrieval to law enforcement authorities if we deem such disclosure to be appropriate.

It is not our policy for any web pages at to either put "cookies" on users' computers or read cookies that may have been put there by ourselves or by others.

On some pages, users can sign up to receive additional information by e-mail through an e-mail subscription service, or by other means, including postal mail. For some mailing lists, the subscriber list is public; for others, it is not.

Personal information that has been volunteered to us may also be combined with data from other parties, such as public petitions to policymakers. In such cases, we make this purpose clear to the user. Except as indicated below, we do not and will not undertake such combining for marketing purposes.

Our sites contain links to other sites. We are not responsible for the privacy policies of these sites.

We recommend that you take such steps as you feel appropriate to protect your privacy. We would like to be able to tell you that anything you share with us will be completely protected. However, this is not the case. The site takes no active steps to protect your privacy. Digital data can, and often is obtained by determined people who do not respect fundamental privacy rights. We cannot guarantee that we can protect your privacy against such individuals or organizations, or against accidental or unintentional disclosures by us. Nor can we guarantee that our privacy practices will not someday change in some material respect.

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