Cartel Recoveries Top $100 Billion

International price fixing recoveries have topped $50 billion in the United States and $100 billion worldwide in 2012.

That’s according to a report from the American Antitrust Institute.

The report by Purdue University Professor John Connor is titled Private Recoveries in International Cartel Cases Worldwide: What do the Data Show?

The report finds that recoveries of cartel damages occur overwhelmingly in the United States, but that similar compensatory suits are growing rapidly abroad.

The largest U.S. settlements are for private international cartels.

Connor finds that U.S. cartel recoveries are growing exponentially and will likely reach $60 billion in 2017.

“Every U.S. criminal cartel conviction is followed by a successful private suit, but half of private actions do not follow upon U.S. convictions,” Connor said.

Connor finds that the average severity of cartel penalties is highest for Canadian fines – 15% of affected sales for local to 17% for global conspiracies – moderate for U.S. and EU (4% to 13%) fines, and below 4% for private suits and other jurisdictions’ fines.

Together, all U.S. monetary penalties average less than 100% of the illegal profits made by international cartels, the report finds.


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