Corporate Crime Reporter is a legal print newsletter.

The articles you see posted on this web site
are only highlights from the print newsletter.

Corporate Crime Reporter is published
and mailed 48 times a year.

We do not publish the last two weeks in August
and the last two weeks in December.

Corporate Crime Reporter is now
in its 36th year of publication.

Subscribers include: federal and state prosecutors,
major white-collar and corporate crime defense law firms,
trial lawyers, major corporations,
law school libraries, and large media outlets.

Subscription rates: For-profit corporate: $795.00 a year.

Not-for-profit and government: $595.00 per year.

We do not accept credit cards at this time.

If you would like to subscribe to Corporate Crime Reporter,
please give us a call at 202.468.8868 or write to us at:

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