False Claims Act Supporters Not Upset with Senator Sessions as Attorney General

You would think.

But you would be wrong.


Supporters of the False Claims Act are apparently not upset with President-elect Donald Trump’s pick of Senator Jeff Sessions as Attorney General.

“Senator Sessions understands Moses came off the mountain carrying the Eighth Commandment — thou shalt not steal – and that it was not the Eighth Suggestion,” said Patrick Burns of Taxpayers Against Fraud. “He has never winked at companies that harm American workers and consumers by skirting the law, and I suspect he will understand the value of whistleblowers and whistleblower laws when it comes to fighting corporate theft and crony capitalism.  Fighting fraud is an area of bipartisan agreement. This is common ground, on which quite a lot can be built.”

Burns called Sessions “a law and order Republican” and said that “Team Qui Tam generally does okay with them.”

Sessions has supported legislation strengthening the False Claims Act.

“Sessions and Trump will be fighting the Chamber of Commerce on immigration, so I do not think they will be able to carry much water with him on other issues such as giving the green light to fraud,” Burns told Corporate Crime Reporter. “Sessions is no friend of the banksters. He was one of 25 senators to vote against President G.W. Bush’s 2008 bank bailout, arguing that it ‘undermines our heritage of law and order, and is an affront to the principle of separation of powers.’”

“Sessions is from Alabama, which is as far from Wall Street as Iowa,” Burns said. “Wall Street and corporate executives are often the antagonists in Senator Session’s speeches.”

Burns called Sessions a “debt hawk.”

“He is likely to see the many billions of dollars recovered under the False Claims Act and other whistleblower programs as a strong positive,” Burns said. “Sessions has worked with Democrats on a wide range of bills and can be quite charming. He was friends with Ted Kennedy despite very different political points of view.”

Sessions has been in the Senate for almost 20 years, is on the Judiciary Committee, and has a good relationship with Senator Charles Grassley – the Senate’s key False Claims Act champion.

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