Feinstein Won’t Allow Anyone to Testify Against Brennan on Targeted Killings

Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-California), chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee, will not allow anyone to testify against John Brennan’s nomination to head the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

Brennan will be the only witness at tomorrow’s hearing.

In a letter to Feinstein, Ralph Nader and former Justice Department official Bruce Fein wrote that “experience teaches that the adversarial system is best calculated to discover the truth.”

“By refusing to entertain witnesses who would challenge Mr. Brennan’s nomination, you are impoverishing the public debate that should inform the confirmation process,” Nader and Fein wrote.

Fein said that he requested to testify “in person against the nomination because of Brennan’s notorious complicity in unconstitutional and criminal predator drone killings which combine prosecutor, judge, jury, and executioner in a single person — the high water mark of tyranny in the view of the Constitution’s makers.”

“Brennan is unfit for office because he’s the brainchild behind unconstitutional and secret predator drone killings — both targeted and signature — in violation of due process,” Fein told Corporate Crime Reporter.

“What he’s doing is more egregious in the eyes of the law than the CIA assassination attempts revealed in Church hearings — Castro, Lumumba, Trujillo — that provoked an executive order prohibiting CIA assassinations,” Fein said.

“In secret organizations like the CIA, leaders unflaggingly devoted to the rule of law are urgently needed because customary checks and balances are at their low water mark.  Brennan cannot be trusted to adhere to rule of law.”

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