Caldwell and Rakoff to Keynote NYU Law Conference on Corporate Crime

Justice Department Criminal Division Chief Leslie Caldwell and U.S. District Court Judge Jed Rakoff will keynote NYU Law’s two day Conference on Corporate Crime and Financial Misdealing April 17 and 18 at NYU Law School.

The conference is being organized by NYU Law Professor Jennifer Arlen.

Panels include:

Leslie Caldwell

Leslie Caldwell


The Causes of Corporate Crime.

Moderator: William S. Laufer, University of Pennsylvania


Panelists: Mark A. Cohen, Vanderbilt University.

Sally S. Simpson, University of Maryland.

Discussant: Thomas J. Miles, University of Chicago Law School.


Psychology and the Deterrence of Corporate Crime

Tom R. Tyler, Macklin, Yale Law School.

Discussant: Janice Nadler, Northwestern University School of Law


Jed Rakoff

Jed Rakoff

Individual Sanctions and Influence

Moderator: J.J. Prescott, University of Michigan Law School


Criminally Bad Management

Samuel W. Buell, Duke University School of Law

Discussant: Daniel C. Richman, Columbia Law School


Do Influential General Counsels Influence the Incidence of Fraud?

Vikramaditya S. Khanna, University of Michigan Law School

Discussant: Alexander Dyck, University of Toronto


Public and Private Liability for Securities Fraud

Moderator: Emiliano M. Catan, NYU School of Law


Modes of SEC Enforcement: Corporate, Individual and Gatekeeper Liability

Michael Klausner, NYU School of Law

Discussant: Marcel Kahan, NYU School of Law


Securities Law and Its Enforcers

Stephen Choi, NYU School of Law

Adam C. Pritchard, University of Michigan Law School

Discussant: David H. Webber, Boston University School of Law


Regulation of Foreign Public Corruption

Moderator: Andy Spalding, University of Richmond School of Law


Political Economy for Foreign Corruption

Matthew C. Stephenson, Harvard Law School

Discussant: Rachel Brewster, Duke University School of Law


Multi-Jurisdictional Enforcement Games

Kevin E. Davis, NYU School of Law

Discussant: Paul F. Lagunes, Columbia University


Corruption in State Administration

Susan Rose-Ackerman, Yale Law School

Tina Søreide, University of Bergen, Norway

Discussant: Jean Ensminger, California Institute of Technology


Corporate Crime: Compliance and Reputation

Moderator: Anthony Niblett, University of Toronto


Does Conviction Matter? The Reputational and Collateral Effects of Corporate Crime

Cindy Alexander, George Mason University

Jennifer H. Arlen, NYU School of Law

Discussant: Jonathan M. Karpoff, University of Washington


Corporate Compliance

Geoffrey P. Miller, NYU School of Law

Discussant: Jeffrey N. Gordon, Columbia Law School


Private Investigation of Public Wrongs

Moderator: Kathleen Clark, Washington University School of Law


Civil Bounty Regimes

David Freeman Engstrom, Stanford Law School

Discussant: Marcia P. Miceli, Georgetown University


When the Corporation Investigates Itself

Miriam Baer, Professor of Law, Brooklyn School of Law

Discussant: Darryl K. Brown,University of Virginia School of Law

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