Meet the Press Chuck Todd Ralph Nader and the Boeing Plane Crashes

In the wake of two recent Boeing plane crashes that took the lives of 346 people, Ralph Nader wants to know why the Boeing-sponsored Meet the Press with Chuck Todd refuses to address the issue of airline safety, Boeing and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

Todd has yet to mention the plane crashes on Meet the Press.

Nader wrote to Todd recently about the issue last week.

“Maybe you are not covering the Boeing crashes and the ensuing controversies because you think they are not part of political partisanship and turmoil which are your trademark,” Nader wrote in an email. “But take a look at Trump’s latest crazed tweet on the 737 Max (“No product has suffered like this one.”) and my response. Can’t you at least cover this subject on your other NBC programs apart from Meet the Press? Looking forward to your response, oh Silent Chuck.”

Todd shot back to Nader: “Don’t like the implication re: Boeing… this feels like a ‘when did you stop beating your spouse’ line of critique… we are not protecting Boeing…absurd to imply… there are a lot of stories that we should or could be covering in a different era when the primary issue is NOT a president who is undermining basic democratic institutions.”

Nader wasn’t buying it.

“A brief reply,” Nader wrote back. “First, if you’re focusing on Trump ‘undermining basic democratic institutions,’ why not interview some civic leaders who know something about what’s going on and what should be democracy’s response? How far does the Kabuki Dance with K.A. Conway get you? She toys with good questions from people like you.”

“Second, you do other programming throughout the week. The Boeing crashes have been big news in the mass media. Please send me to what you’ve done on this. Attached is a copy of one of Trump’s tweets, my response and today’s letter from me to Trump. You don’t think what Trump and Congress have done to ‘undermine the FAA’ fits within your declared bailiwick? All this would not have been necessary to convey were you the unfettered Chuck Todd. Free Chuck Todd should be the cry.”

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