Ralph Nader to Connecticut Voters: Beware of Linda McMahon

Ralph Nader today sent a warning to his fellow citizens in Connecticut.

Beware of Linda McMahon, the Republican candidate for U.S. Senate in Connecticut.

“Beware of Linda McMahon, going to Washington and with her corporate lobbyist friends, putting a full nelson on the interests and rights of the Connecticut people,” Nader said.

“Beware of Linda McMahon, the commercial wrestling magnate who went to extremes to mistreat her workers in order to produce huge wealth and not pay her fair share of taxes until she was caught,” Nader said today.

“Beware of Linda McMahon who signed onto to the Paul Ryan budget which Nobel Prize winning economist Paul Krugman called the cruelest budget ever to come out of Congress as a proposal.”

“It’s a budget that strips mines people — when they are children, when they are adults, and when they older — of their legitimate rights and legitimate public services in order to prop up further the greed and avarice of the one percent.”

“Beware of Linda McMahon who wants to send you back into the mercies of the gouging health insurance industry and the drug industry — privatizing Medicare.”

“Beware of Linda McMahon, who is opposed to raising the minimum wage to $10 an hour, which is still less than what it was in 1968 adjusted for inflation, while she spends over $70 million on her Senatorial campaigns,” Nader said.

“Beware of Linda McMahon, behind the smile of her colorful postcards that she sends regularly to every household in Connecticut,” Nader said. “Beware of the Linda McMahon who doesn’t want workers to organize, who doesn’t want health and safety regulations that curb corporate recklessness and negligence. Beware and think before you vote in November.”

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