Ralph Nader Phil Donahue Akhil Reed Amar to Celebrate Constitution Day September 17 at Tort Museum in Winsted, Connecticut

Legendary talk show host Phil Donahue will interview prominent Constitutional Scholar and Yale Law School Professor Akhil Reed Amar about the Constitution, its history, evolution and why trial by jury is so important to preserving democracy.

Phil Donahue and Akhil Reed Amar

Consumer advocate Ralph Nader will host the event at the Tort Museum in Winsted, Connecticut on Constitution Day, September 17, 2017 at 2 pm in Winsted, Connecticut.

Donahue is known to millions as host of The Phil Donahue Show which ran on national network television for 29 years.

Nader has described Donahue as the greatest practitioner and enabler of freedom of speech for everybody in the twentieth century.

Donahue’s shows were famous for focusing on people who were striving for a more just society.  They included the emerging movements for women’s rights, consumer protection, and environmental health.

The Donahue show also featured the voices of hard-pressed workers and courageous whistleblowers.

“Donahue is a giant in the history of television broadcasting,” Nader said.

Professor Akhil Reed Amar is an expert on constitutional law and criminal procedure. He is the Sterling Professor of Law at Yale Law School.

A Legal Affairs poll placed Amar among the top 20 contemporary US legal thinkers.

Amar is the author of numerous books, most recently The Constitution Today: Timeless Lessons for the Issues of our Era.


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