Stacy Mitchell Resigns Fellowship from Yale’s Thurman Arnold Project

Stacy Mitchell of the Institute for Local Self Reliance has resigned her fellowship at Yale University’s Thurman Arnold Project.

Stacy Mitchell
Institute for Local Self Reliance

Mitchell’s resignation comes on the heels of a report from Bloomberg that the director of the Thurman Arnold project,  Fiona Scott Morton, is a paid adviser to Amazon and Apple. 

Bloomberg reported that Fiona Scott Morton “didn’t disclose those relationships in papers she recently co-authored outlining how the U.S. could bring antitrust cases against Alphabet’s Google and Facebook.”

“I work for companies that I’m comfortable are not breaking the law,” Morton told Bloomberg.

But Mitchell, who was profiled earlier this year by the New York Times under the headline – As Amazon Rises, So Does the Opposition – took to Twitter to resign her Yale fellowship and point

“I’ve resigned my fellowship at Yale’s Thurman Arnold Project,” Mitchell tweeted last week. “The director, Fiona Scott Morton, revealed that she’s a paid adviser to Amazon and Apple. I think that makes it hard to achieve the project’s goal of creating a space to grapple with the antitrust implications of big tech.” 

Fiona Scott Morton
Yale University

“It’s also at odds with the legacy of Thurman Arnold, the anti-monopolist hired by FDR to rebuild the Antitrust Division at the Department of Justice. Arnold took an aggressive approach to prosecuting monopolies, which he described as “a dictatorial power subject to no public responsibility” and a “toll bridge over which everyone has to pass.” 

“That sounds a lot like Amazon to me,” Mitchell wrote. “We can only imagine that if Arnold were at the Justice Department today he would be marshaling the law to check the outsized power and abuses of the tech giants. Picturing Arnold running the Antitrust Division today is an idea really worth meditating on.  With an election coming up, a new president may in fact have a chance to hire someone with a similar zeal for policing our markets in the service of ordinary people and democracy.”

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