Ralph Nader Calls on Trial Lawyers to Open Up Annual Meeting

The American Bar Association’s annual meeting this August in New York will be open to the press.

The Chamber of Commerce’s Institute for Legal Reform’s annual summit this August — with Rudolph Giuliani as the keynote — in Washington DC — will be open to the press.

But the trial lawyers’ annual meeting — the American Association for Justice’s annual convention next month in Boston — will be closed to the press.

The trial lawyers’ group says that the meeting is open only to its members — and they say, for good reason — they will be talking shop, strategy and tactics.

The group refused to make public the annual convention’s program.

Now comes Ralph Nader, consumer activist and founder of the American Museum of Tort Law — calling on the trial lawyers to open it up.

“The American Bar Association is dominated by corporate lawyers, yet they open their annual meeting to the media, while American Association for Justice, which has a much better human interest and justice story to tell the American people, closes its annual meeting to the media,” Nader said. “It doesn’t make sense.”

“Corporate lawyers represent corporate power and defend corporate crime for high hourly fees while plaintiff lawyers represent wrongfully injured human beings and communities and only get paid if they prevail — because they work on a contingent fee.”

“The American Association for Justice has a lot of great stories to tell and many cautions about how the corporate supremacists and their political allies have been working overtime to close the courtroom door to the American people who are seeking justice against perpetrators of their harms.”

“The American Association for Justice should consider opening their doors to their annual convention,” Nader said. “The public needs to know more about trial by jury and how the law of torts protects their safety and their freedom.”





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